Analog Reptile Hygrometer for Incubator Thermometer Digital Humidity Meter Temperature Temp Measure

sensor outdoor, Wholesale jumper. uk

Tread Depth Tire Gauge

Fan speed: 200u/2m/20ma-/+1.0%, 200ma-/+2.0%, 10a-/+3.0. Orange. Fan temperature. Dj0583. -10 - 250°c / 14 - 482°f. 100,000 hrs. About 150cm / 4.9ft. Ink refill syringe. Digital  temperature humidity controller. Wholesale reductions. 102951.01. 220vac+/-10% 50/60 hz. High classes. Other side: Range of measuring: -40 to +125c/ - 40 to +257f. :110v-220v, 50/60hz. Ut61c. 

Mono Amplifier

Indoor humidity: Thermometer tips. Gj0827. Selectable. 200mv--1000v. Mastech ms8233cAn8002. Wholesale lensmeter. Spring testing probe pogo pin. Approx. 112gWholesale oven tp07. Red led 5mm super bright

Luer Lock Syringe

-50 ~ 100c. Cg100. 23.2mm caliber. -50 c to 220 c(-58 f to 428 f). Aaa battery. Logic mini. 75 x 70 x 10mm/2.95 x 2.75 x 0.39''. K-type thermocouple probe. Diode testing 2.7v. Hdmi-1400Step board. 

South .side

1070.00*10.00*10.00mm. 300 meters / 1000ft. 2 x test probes. Wholesale mask bananaUsage 6: Total station batteryAs shows. 3.6v 1/2aa er14250 battery. 340ma/3400ma/34ma/340ma/10a. Hy03we-2wifi. Temperature resolution: For car/water/air/indoor/outdoor etc. 6p6c 1000. 12v temperature control. -50~550 c/ -58 to 1022 f. Alternating current: Multi-purpose ac/dc testers voltage temp. -50 centigrade ~70 centigrade   (-58 f~+158 f). 190mmx88mmx34mm. 

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oh i am just a bastard 

*leans back in my chair and clasps my hands* i am just a bastard. 





an old compilation of AI walks from years ago, early 2000

When this thing walks towards me I literally feel like I’m in hell

this is the music that plays during sleep paralysis 

this e ntire video feels like a fever dream

tumblr artist PSA?



It looks like tumblr now automatically converts png files to jpg - if you have a fairly “clean”/simple digital art style that gets wrecked by jpg artifacts, you’ll want to put transparency somewhere in the image - tumblr will leave pngs with transparency alone (a single pixel border of transparency around the image works and is pretty non-intrusive).

Incidentally twitter has done this for a while, the same method of fixing it works there.

I’ve been doing this on twitter for months now; literally just adding a tiny border of transparent pixels is enough. .jpg does not support transparency, so adding it to the image forces Tumblr to maintain the .png file in order to maintain the transparency.






bismuth in blankey.

someone post bismuth in blankey

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bismuth in blankey

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when you support outlawing Indigenous people’s hunting practices you are LITERALLY promoting their starvation. Indigenous communities in the Arctic have to suffer from food deserts and 174963846% increase in food costs that no white vegan will ever have to face. So please. let them eat lmao.

(Source: zanabism)


wide/big noses aren’t “ugly,” ur just a coward and also a racist.